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7th Annual MS Addictions Conference
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Dedicated to the health and wellness of Mississippi licensed professionals.


Welcome to the Professionals Health Network, Inc (PHN).  PHN is a monitoring and advocacy program available to non-physician health care and licensed Mississippi professionals and students with potentially impairing conditions.  

7th Annual Mississippi Addictions Conference

March 4-6, 2015



Mission Statement


It shall be the mission of the Professionals Health Network (PHN) to aid eligible Mississippi licensed professionals and students with potentially impairing conditions including substance use disorders, physical impairments, cognitive deterioration, and psychiatric illness through effective education, intervention, evaluation, treatment, and continuing care as an alternative to the disciplinary process.  PHN supports education, prevention, outreach activities and research in the field of professionals health.  PHN will strive to consistently improve its service to professional associations and regulatory authorities; our program participants; and the public they serve through supporting and guiding professionals to wellness and healing, promoting public safety, thus enriching the lives of these professionals, the vitality of their profession, and the betterment of all Mississippians. 




The Professionals Health Network will be a leader in the field of professionals health in terms of program design, research, education and prevention of illness progression to overt impairment.  Addiction and Mental Illness are stigmatized health concerns which all too often subject the ill professional to the added trauma of rejection in the face of acute illness.  PHN is dedicated to combating the myths which lead to this end and toward a day when our fellow professionals with these illnesses are supported and nurtured by an informed professional community and the public they serve. 




Integrity, Competence, Accountability, Respect, Equity and Citizenship